13 Female Celebrities Who Shaved Their Heads

Let's face it, hair can be a hassle. Whether it's before a date, on the way to work, or during a picture-perfect moment, everyone has experienced the stress that comes with having long locks. Perhaps that's why the decision to shave their head seemed to come so easily for these female stars.

Goodbye brushing, goodbye flyaways, and goodbye endless salon visits! Whether for an acting role or simply for fun, the following starlets shaved their heads. Do you have the guts to ditch your locks, too? 


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  • Charlize Theron

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    The blonde beauty shaved her golden locks for the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road. The actress went on to claim her hair "was destroyed from heat damage," so she was glad to see it go. Right on, Charlize. 

  • Gina Rodriguez

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    This Golden Globe–winning Latina actress also turned to the razor for a film role. She took to Instagram to address exactly how she felt about the change, saying, "I cut my hair for a film and there is nothing more freeing then realizing your beauty exists from within. I am not my hair."

  • Miley Cyrus

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    If hair transformations were a sport, then Ms. Cyrus would be a gold medalist. The singer clipped away her long locks and completely changed her public persona all at once. Talk about shedding your past!

  • Rose McGowan

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    In 2015 McGowan shaved her head over the course of several social media posts. The reason? Just because (I know, right?)! She later called the experience "liberating," which is clearly depicted in her posts. 

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  • Cynthia Nixon

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    The Sex and the City star got rid of her signature ginger bob when she took on a stage production of Wit, playing a sickly cancer patient. The only problem is her closely shaved head often confused her peers into thinking she was really a cancer patient. Yikes!

  • Anne Hathaway

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    The actress parted ways with her long hair for her role in the 2012 big-screen adaptation of Les Miserables. Lucky for her, the role won her an Oscar. Not bad, not bad. 

  • Natalie Dormer

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    Game of Thrones fans literally lost their minds when Dormer stepped out rocking half of her normally full mane. The actress later put rumors to rest by admitting the new do was for her gritty role in the Hunger Games films.

  • Karen Gillan

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    The former Doctor Who star traded in her famous red hair for a buzzed scalp for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy. The look, though a shocking departure, has kept Gillan quite entertained. The star is keen on making jokes about her baldness in interviews and on social media.

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  • Kelly Osbourne

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    With purple hair and a candid personality to match, it was no surprise when Osbourne chose to be a bit rebellious and shave the sides of her head. Today she has continued her rebellion by adding a tattoo on one side of her head. Ouch.

  • Jessie J

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    Unlike some of her peers, this singer buzzed her hair off for charity instead of fashion. In the process she was able to raise £500,000 for Comic Relief and even rocked the new look on her album cover that same year. 

  • Lupita Nyong'o

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    Although she is best known for her shaved do, Nyong'o has branched out to try other hairstyles since bursting onto the scene in 2013. 

  • Natalie Portman

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    This Oscar-winning actress takes the cake for being the bravest celeb to say goodbye to her mane. Portman didn't just agree to shave her head for her role in V for Vendetta, she agreed to do it in front of the camera. Talk about dedication.

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  • Millie Bobby Brown

    Images via Chelsea/London Entertainment/Splash News; J Gerard Segula/Zuma Press/Splash Press

    The youngest and most recent star to shave off her hair did it for Netflix's Stranger Things. The young actress, who plays Eleven, a government science project with badass powers, later released a video of the entire shaving process. Rad.

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