Kate Middleton Reveals What She'd Be Doing If She Weren't a Princess

kate middleton

Farmer Kate! On Thursday, while visiting the Wadebridge Young Farmers of Newquay's Towan Beach in Cornwall, Kate Middleton revealed that she secretly longs to be a farmer herself. While speaking to 15-year-old Bea Hodge, the duchess said that she's teaching 3-year-old George and 1-year-old Charlotte to learn about and take care of the land at their country home in Norfolk. So cute!


According to People magazine, Hodge told reporters Kate has "been teaching George the difference between barley and wheat and everything they grow on the farm there." The teen also said that the duchess wants the children to learn all about farming and the apples in their orchard and that Kate "said she'd secretly like to be a young farmer."

More from CafeMom:

During their day-long trip, the royal couple also visited with the Wave Project, an organization which uses surfing to reduce anxiety and improve well-being in children. During the engagement, Prince William joked, "We should have brought our wetsuits -- I'm very jealous! Living by the beach is just perfect."  Oh, that William. Always the jokester. 

It's certainly not a surprise to hear that the athletic duke and duchess enjoy surfing from time to time themselves, and it's even less of a surprise to learn that a small part of Kate longs to be a farmer. She's the embodiment of the bucolic life. Of course she knows the difference between wheat and barley. 

That said, it's doubtful she'll be hanging up her tiara any time soon. Tilling the soil and being one with the land is amazing. But is it amazing enough to move out of Kensington Palace? Hmm ...


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