Gabourey Sidibe's FU to Site That Mistook Her for Another Black Actress Is Flawless

We've always said that it's the little things in life, and while that's not an idea traditionally applied to how we treat one another, we're starting to think it should be. Here's what we mean: There are little things we can do to extend a certain respect to other people -- little things that a lot of people aren't doing. Like, for example, remembering faces and names. It's the kind of respect (and, frankly, basic research tactics) that the website Time to Break couldn't be bothered with when they completely confused Empire's Gabourey Sidibe with Glee's Amber Riley -- in an article that was already offensive, even before this mess-up.


Time to Break did a roundup of before-and-after photos of celeb weight loss. In one before photo, they showed a picture of Sidibe in Precious. In the after, they showed a picture of Riley on the red carpet. If you're thinking they look nothing alike, you're right.

Thankfully, Sidibe is pretty badass, and she put the media outlet in its place real quick with a three-point list. 

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She responded to the outlet on her Twitter, stating nothing but facts: 

That beautiful, brown-skinned middle finger emoji doesn't just say "f*ck you" -- it screams it.

I'm human, you're human, and I understand that sometimes sh*t happens. I also understand that studies have found mistakes like this are in part due to a "them versus us" mentality people have based on many factors including race and nationality. However, none of it excuses this. The simple fact is that it's disrespect. No matter who does it or how you slice it, it says you couldn't be bothered to remember me because I don't look like you.

But aside from disrespect, it shows the level of professionalism that this media outlet has -- obviously, little to none. The golden rule of journalism is research, and clearly someone dropped the ball with this one. And, in 2016, Google is always by our side. How effing hard is it to do a quick search?

While this site is on the chopping block at the moment and someone may have lost a job today, it certainly isn't the first media outlet to mistake two celebs with similar racial backgrounds. 

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There was the jaw-dropping time that the Golden Globes mistook America Ferrera for Gina Rodriguez.

Or, the hilarious time when an entertainment reporter mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne and Jackson gave him hell ... on air. 

This is such a common occurrence that Eva Longoria and America Ferrera teamed up at the Golden Globes to joke (or throw shade) about constantly being mistaken as other Latinas in the industry. 

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All jokes aside, we've got to do better (especially if you call yourself a journalist). It may be psychology and it may not be meant in a shady way, but it's fixable -- it's a lazy and inconsiderate mistake that is 100 percent preventable. 

Black, Latina, white -- we do not all look the same. So just stop this, please and thank you.


My own unique self. Not Kyla Pratt ;) 


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