Bill Nye's Back After 18 Years & We Have 15 Big Things We Need Explained ASAP

Bill Nye

Bill Nye has made appearances here and there, but nothing too major over the course of his 20-year hiatus from his super popular show Bill Nye the Science Guy. If you don't recall, this guy is the one who got millennials through those tough science classes in middle school and possibly even high school. He was the only reason you came to class enthusiastically and ready to learn. And, while you may (or may not) have outgrown him, Netflix is introducing Nye to a new generation with a new series called Bill Nye Saves the World.


The series will be available on the streaming network for the spring of 2017. There's no doubt that I plan on forcing my siblings to sit through this and show them how things were back in my day. 

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While it won't exactly be the same ol' science guy show, there will still be the fun aspect that we all enjoyed. Bill shared his goals related to the show with Variety and here's what he wants: 

I've been on a mission to change the world by getting people everywhere excited about the fundamental ideas in science .... Today, I'm excited to be working with Netflix on a new show, where we'll discuss the complex scientific issues facing us today .... With the right science and good writing, we'll do our best to enlighten and entertain our audience. And, perhaps we'll change the world a little.

Here's the thing, though -- before we move forward to the more serious lessons, there's a thing or two that Bill hasn't been around to explain ... things that definitely need to be touched on.

So, Bill, for old times' sake, would you do us the honor of answering our 15 questions on modern millennial culture? Beginning with ...

1. Mansplaining. (Bonus points if he can mansplain the answer.)

2. Care to take on manspreading too? Inquiring minds need to know. WHY?! (Don't mansplain, this is serious business.) 

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3. Uber? Like, what wizardry does it work on and, more importantly, what happened to taxis?

4. Sideboob, in two parts: a) WHY and b) HOW we can get our own to fight gravity correctly, like, for once?

5. This phenomenon where, according to my birth date, I'm 23 ... and yet I constantly feel 13. What's that about, Bill Nye?

6. #SquadGoals. Just, like ... why. Also, are we allowed to want them.

7. And -- random question, we know -- what's the damn holdup on our futuristic lifestyle? More specifically, why we are still living on Earth? And where the hell are our aerocars?

8. How do we work iPhones? And is there any way to reintroduce Razrs (specifically the blinged-out ones) into modern society? No ... seriously. 

9. Why can't Siri be as nice as you when she explains things? Is that asking for too much? 

10. Why did reality TV continue existing after Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey ended Newlyweds

11. Why does autocorrect still manage to eff everything up for me, even after all this time? If you ask me, it seems like the more technological advances we make, the dumber technology gets. 

12. No big deal, but when did Tinder become better than meeting people IRL? 

13. Did cavemen use as many acronyms as millennials do? Now that we think about it, they might be the culprits that started the damn trend. 

14. Help me remember a time when selfies weren't a way of life. What does that even look like anymore? Probably Polaroids involved, right?

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15. You're great and all, but when the hell did we stop relying on Magic 8 Balls and start coming to you for these things? 

I'm sure we could think of more, but we didn't want to overwhelm you. Think you can have those back to us by EOD?


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