Now Kate Middleton & Sister Pippa Are Reportedly Both Pregnant

Could Prince George and Princess Charlotte be getting a little cousin soon? They may be getting a new little sibling too! At least according to one gossip magazine, which is claiming that both Kate and Pippa Middleton are pregnant.


Of course they are. Because why not? If Kate Middleton can be pregnant with twins every other month, certainly Pippa can be with child alongside her, right?

OK! magazine broke the "news" that the Duchess of Cambridge and her commoner sister are both expecting, claiming that one of them is having a boy, and the other a girl. How cute!

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The anonymous source confessed to the mag, "Just a few weeks back, Kate discovered that she's expecting another little princess, and the buzz in Pippa's circle is that's [sic] pregnant, too -- with a little boy."

Not only that, but Kate will reportedly be eight months by the time Pippa's wedding rolls around. You know, because can't you imagine Pippa getting married with a giant baby bump, rather than waiting until after?

And of course, because Pippa just got engaged last month to fiancé mogul James Matthew, rumors are flying that it's a shotgun wedding. Have no fear, though -- Pippa and James are in love for-evah. The source claimed that they're "totally in love, and they were going to get engaged whether she was pregnant or not."

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Sorry, not sorry, but we're not exactly getting our knickers in a twist over this "announcement." As much as we'd love for Kate and Pippa to be baking adorable little babies at the same time, we're going to wait for an official announcement from Kensington Palace. 


Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

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