Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Get Real About the Risks of Living Abroad

Jill (Duggar) Dillard and IsraelSince leaving the US for Central America a year ago, Jill (Duggar) Dillard and her family have had to adapt to their new surroundings in an effort to serve on their missionary trip. And now, Jill and Derick Dillard are discussing the risks and fears of living abroad. Needless to say, life in El Salvador has had its ups and downs for the couple.


"It’s risky here -- we stand out as Americans, so definitely we're higher risk."

As Jill says on her show, Counting On, there are certain realities she and her family have to deal with that wouldn't come into play if they were back home in the US:

If we were back in the States, we wouldn't be talking about, 'Now if you die, what am I supposed to do from there? If you don't come home after you are supposed to [at] this hour, then what do I do?' It's hard to talk about those things, but it's also good for us to [know] like, if something happened, what I'm supposed to do.

So scary.

Thankfully it seems like Jill and Derick have a pretty solid game plan in place that allows them to continue with their missionary endeavors while trying to stay safe. Derick admits they try to find a balance that allows them to take any and all precautions without being naive to major risks.

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We can only imagine the joys and fears Jill and Derick experience on a daily basis, especially when you factor in their sweet 16-month-old son, Israel.

And while the Dillards are quite aware of the dangers of violence surrounding them, they aren't allowing it to deter them from their mission -- or make them oblivious to the fact that the people they're trying to serve in Central America continually face unthinkable uncertainties, even after Jill and Derick (and the TLC camera crew) pack up and head home.

As Derick says:

The violence down here is a reality that we have to deal with every day, as do people down here [in El Salvador]. So, in that way, we can relate better to the people we're serving and realize that kidnappings, [and] other acts of violence -- rape, murder -- those are realities everyone here has to face on a daily basis.

Stay safe, guys!




Image via TLC

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