16 Times Kylie Jenner Looked Like She Had No Chill to Spare

Amy Goldman | Sep 16, 2016 Celebrities

Kylie JennerIt's hard to imagine a more famous or brand-oriented teenager than Kylie Jenner. Through her Instagram posts and Snapchats, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family puts forward an image that has come to define what it means to be famous, gorgeous, and wealthy in Calabasas. But even someone this cool can lose her chill sometimes, and we've rounded up a few photos of Kylie looking more than a little anxious in the limelight.

Even the most experienced of selfie takers can look uptight and unnerved in photos. Keep reading for 16 times Kylie looked like she had no chill to spare.

Image via Nancy Rivera/Splash News

  • Sydney Side Eye

    Image via Mad Max Pepito/Splash News

    Kylie dished out plenty of shade during her trip to Sydney with Kendall last year.

  • Olive You Glad to See Me?

    Image via Pap Nation/Splash News

    Kylie looked none too happy when she was photographed by the paparazzi in August. She probably didn't want to answer any more questions about that giant ring on her finger. 

  • Her Chin-Up is On Point

    Image via SPW/Splash News

    Kylie appeared to be a little concerned on her way to the Nice Guy bar for her 19th birthday celebration. Who could be nervous about hanging out at a place called The Nice Guy?

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  • Half Dress, Half Scrunchie

    Image via SPW Pro/Splash News

    Kylie looked uncomfortable while walking out of a restaurant in Beverly Hills. It's okay to feel confused, Kylie, because we can't figure out what's going on with your dress either.

  • Tense in Teal

    Image via Pap Nation/Splash News

    We love Kylie's endlessly colorful hairstyles almost as much as we love her impressive range of annoyed facial expressions.

  • Oops. She Did It Again

    Image via MONEY$HOT-$HAWN/Splash News

    Kylie looks like she just realized that she forgot most of her top. 

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  • Positively Bothered

    Image via Splash News

    We know she was on the set of her Forever 21 photoshoot, but in her chic houndstooth suit, Kylie looks like she could be Prince George and Princess Charlotte's put-upon nanny.

  • Future King Kylie

    Image via Splash News

    It was so nice of Kylie to visit us from the future to share her latest expression of contempt. 

  • Over It

    Image via Photographer Group Splash News

    This is the much more glamorous version of how we look when we're nervous about running into an ex.

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  • Peak No Chill

    Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

    Kylie looked as though she completely lost her cool as she engaged in a heated discussion with her driver. It's a good thing her sister Kendall has a year's worth of free rides with Lyft.

  • Calabasas Chic

    Image via Splash News

    Kylie managed to look impossibly chic in leggings while casting shade at an unfortunate passerby. We're starting to wonder if chill is overrated.

  • Walk Away From the Cameras

    Image via Bello/Splash News

    Kylie's look of discomfort here might have something to do with the swarm of photographers following her after her dinner date with Tyga.

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  • Her Weapon of Choice

    Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

    There's something about a stylish, floor-length black coat that makes Kylie's annoyed expression look especially intimidating. 

  • It's Her Invisibility Cloak

    Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

    Kylie appears to be attempting to hide from the paparazzi behind her own hair. 

  • Making the Cut

    Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

    Kylie looked a little anxious at the premeire of Barbershop: The Next Cut earlier this year. To be fair, we'd probably look uncomfortable if we had to sit through that movie too.

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  • Navy Hair Don't Care

    Image via Orlando/Splash News

    Kylie looked like she'd rather have been anywhere than at the opening of the Sugar Shack in Orlando. At least she graced everyone in attendance with her perfeclty on-trend navy hair.

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