16 Times Kendall Jenner Looked Like She Needed a Vacation

Amy Goldman | Sep 13, 2016 Celebrities

Kendall JennerEven supermodels need a break from the camera lens sometimes. Take Kendall Jenner for example. The in-demand supermodel and Instagram queen tied with Karlie Kloss for the #3 slot on Forbes magazine's list of the world's top-earning models. It's fair to say Kendall spends most of her day getting her picture taken. So even us less-photogenic mortals can sympathize when she's photographed looking like she could use a long weekend chilling out on a paparazzi-free beach, if there even is such a thing.

With such a grueling modeling schedule, it's no wonder Kendall looks a little annoyed by the photographers who follow her at every turn. Keep reading for photos of Kendall Jenner looking as if she'd rather be far away from the invasive glare of their camera lens.

Image via Jeny/Splash News

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