Prince William's Plans on the Anniversary of Diana's Death Being Questioned

princess kate middleton prince williamAugust 31 marks 19 years since Princess Diana was killed in a car crash. Some think that there should be ceremonies on this day to honor the late princess, but we've learned that Prince William and Kate Middleton will be busy with engagements in Cornwall ... by order of Prince Charles.


This is raising some eyebrows -- why are these so-called orders on the anniversary of Princess Diana's death? It was questioned whether this was done in spite or by design by Charles. How much will Prince William be working on the day it marks 19 years since his mother passed away?

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We're trying not to read too much into this. While they are royals, they do have duties to take care of and work must be done. Perhaps what they are doing in Cornwall is a way to honor Diana -- she was selfless in giving her time to good causes. And just because the prince and the Duchess of Cambridge will be away from home, that doesn't mean they won't be having their own private time to honor Will's mother. Not all things can or should be done in the public eye. The day must bring a lot of inward thought and a lot of sadness for the prince, as well as his brother, Prince Harry. We cannot judge the "proper way" the sons should honor their mother -- that is something they should decide for themselves.

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Will just recently spoke out saying how he misses his mum every day and Harry stressed the importance of talking about his grief. There is no doubt that August 31 is a day of deep pain for them ... and we can only hope that they continue to lean on each other for support and love. All while beautifully carrying on their mother's incredible legacy.


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