Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Weird Behavior at the MTV VMAs Has Us Totally Confused

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It's no secret that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are almost as obsessed with each other as they are with themselves. Every time we see them out in public -- especially at events -- the couple can barely keep their hands off one another. And of course, the MTV VMAs were no exception. Kimye kept things hot on the red carpet, PDA-ing it up for the cameras as much as possible. But according to a new report, Kim and Kanye basically ignored each other backstage afterward. How curious ... 


When the cameras were trained on Kim and Kanye, as they often are, the pair were "caught" gazing into one another's eyes, snuggling, and sharing what seemed like amazing personal jokes. (#goals, right?) But! When the pair was backstage, the only things they cuddled up against were their phones. Kim and Kanye sat apart and barely looked at each other when they were alone! Maybe they were worn out from all that snuggling? Maybe they're at the comfy point in their relationship? Or maybe their constant extreme PDAs are part of an act? That couldn't be ... could it?

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The pair was seen sitting apart from one another -- despite there being two chairs next to each other -- both staring intently at their phones. The scandal! Impending divorce?!

Of course, while it is a little weird to see the couple near each other without being all over one another, it's doubtful that this is any indication of anything weird going on with their relationship. Couples do sit near each other and not talk sometimes, right? Plus, Kim and Kanye are busy people. They've got emails to check, Instagram photos to post, tweets to write! They were probably just taking a breather from all of the insanity of the VMAs. No biggie ... right?

Before the show, Kanye gifted his wife with a gigantic diamond ring "just 'cause" and during his speech, he thanked her and said: "My wife is a G." So yeah. Seems like they're doing okay. 

But for the record, it is weird to see these two near each other but not talking or touching. Guess there's a first time for everything!


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