Blac Chyna's Pregnant Nude Cover for 'Paper' Magazine Is Just -- Wow!

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First there was Kim, then there was Chyna. About a year after Kim Kardashian's insane "Break the Internet" magazine cover, Blac Chyna has come out with a Paper magazine cover of her own. And yep, just like Kim, she's naked on it. One word here, people: Wow. 


The vibe of Chyna's photo shoot is super ethereal, soft, and feminine. But, of course, it's ultra sexy, as well. In pretty much all of the photos, Chyna is either completely naked or has only something tiny and lacy on. Check it out: 

The cover. 

Blac Chyna, mogul, entrepreneur, a mother and a badass bitch. @papermagazine

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Wise words from Chyna. 

Super excited to share these moments �Thank u @PAPERMAGAZINE

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So pretty!


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Holy hot mama!

#BeautifulPeople @papermagazine Photographer:@charlie__chops Hair : @kellonderyck

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As Chyna notes next to this photo, this was the "beautiful people" issue of Paper. Sounds about right. 

More from CafeMom:

Think what you want of Blac Chyna, but there's no denying two things here: One, she's gorgeous, and two, it's pretty amazing that she went from being known in only a few circles to being on the cover of Paper magazine. No doubt, this woman is here to stay. 

Of course, being that her future sister-in-law graced the cover of Paper magazine -- in an even more risqué pose -- a short while ago, it's only natural that the "Kim" comparisons have begun rolling in (though, it should be noted that Chyna has turned off the comments on most of the photos she posted to Instagram -- likely for that reason). Chyna definitely has demonstrated some "Kim-esque" style and behavior recently (her Chymojis), so it's hard to ignore. But hey, Kim's a style icon, so no surprise there.

Beautiful cover, Chyna! And congrats -- on both the baby and the mag. Rob certainly is a lucky dude. Wow.


Image via Gigi Iorio/Splash News 

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