Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Come Clean About Breaking Certain Courtship Rules

Jeremy Vuolo with fiancee Jinger Duggar

We all know Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have officially been dating one another, but now it looks like we get a little more insight as to what makes this couple tick -- and the rules they're willing to "break." That's right, on an upcoming episode of Counting OnJinger and Jeremy are discussing their courtship and why they're willing to go against the grain.


"I like her, why would I want to take her to court?"

Ha, Jeremy is such a kidder.

Given the Duggar family's stance on courting -- that includes no frontal hugs, holding hands, or kissing -- one would have to question why Jinger and Jeremy have decided not to follow protocol.

Are they rebels, or do they just want to do things their way?

A clip for an upcoming episode of Counting On reveals Jinger and Jer have discussed their courtship and the boundaries they plan to keep in place.

Jinger mentions:

I think it's [courting] different for each person. It's not a cookie cutter. Just praying about those things and not necessarily, you don't have to have it all listed as a set of rules, but just a general idea and letting the people around you know.

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Jeremy adds:

I have a desire to save really the physical for marriage. I think we both understand that there are temptations and if we open a lot of doors physically then the time spent together basically becomes a time of saying, 'Okay, we can't cross this line' or 'We can't cross this line,' and it becomes difficult.

Great points.

Seriously, how can anyone blame these two for trying to find their own way? It's not like they're trying to indulge in physical acts that go against their belief before marriage. They simply want to enjoy their courtship without applying restraints they feel might not be necessary for them.

We've seen Jeremy and Jinger kiss. We've seen them hold hands and enjoy full frontal hugs.

And you know what? We think they're going to be okay.

At the end of the day, you have to do what you think will work in your relationship.



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