17 Times Kanye West Had Absolutely Zero Chill

Amy Goldman | Sep 8, 2016 Celebrities

Kanye WestWe're sure being a genius can get emotionally draining sometimes. So we understand why Kanye West -- rapper, producer, and fashion designer extraordinaire -- sometimes looks a little stressed out. We won't pretend to know what goes on in the mind of Kanye, but if the following photos are any indication, it involves a lot of anxiety and existential dread.

Do you enjoy looking at photos of very wealthy people appearing to be emotionally distraught? Then these 17 photos of Kanye West having absolutely no chill are for you.


Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

  • He's Got the Whole World

    Image via NIGNY/Splash News

    If this photo is any indication, the weight of the world appears to rest on Kanye's shoulders.

  • Peekaboo

    Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

    Kanye looks like he's in dire need of a long vacation and a remote cabin to hide in. It's probably hard to find your inner calm when you're constantly followed by paparazzi. 

  • Runaway

    Image via Sharpshooter Images/Splash

    Kanye was photographed after the 2014 MET Gala looking like as if he wanted to run away from his problems. At least he has the skills to turn those troubles into massively successful rap albums. 

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  • U Mad?

    Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

    We don't know what was bringing Kanye down on this particular day. What we do know is that Trinity from The Matrix would have rocked that jacket. 

  • Mo Money Mo Problems

    Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

    Kanye just wants a quiet space to compose his thoughts on his laptop, but he can't escape all of the annyoing photographers who keep following him around. It must be hard to be so famous. 

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

    Back in 2009, Kanye didn't try to play nice with the press. He straight-up aired his grievances to this paparazzi who failed to respect Kanye's boundaries.

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  • Where's a Starbucks When You Need One

    Image via 247PapsTV/Splash News

    Will everyone just leave Kanye and his laptop alone? The rapper looked nervous in NYC as he sought a quiet workspace.

  • Lost in Thought

    Image via Rapalo/London Entertainment

    Kanye looks like he just realized that he forgot to water his house plants. Don't fret, Ye, spider plants are very hardy!

  • No Man Is an Island

    Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

    We get it, Kanye. You're just minding your business in SoHo when you suddenly become overwhelmed by crippling anxiety. Sometimes we all want to hide from the world under our camouflage hoods. Hope you find some inner peace real soon.

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  • Alas, Poor Kanye

    Image via Fern/Splash News

    Even though he was in the Happiest Place on Earth, Kanye appeared to be full of malaise on his Disneyland vacation with the Kardashians. Some worries follow you no matter where you go.

  • You Never Call Him on His Cell Phone

    Image via BG007/Bauergriffin.com

    Kanye seemed nervous while he was in the middle of a phone call. We'd like to imagine he was trying to convince Drake to go in on that "Calabasas is the new Abu Dhabi" billboard with him.  


  • Sympathy for the Devil

    Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

    For the last time, no one's trying to steal your laptop, Kanye! We wouldn't mind borrowing that vintage Rolling Stones tee, though. 

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  • Womp Womp

    Image via DW/Splash News

    Ye's anxious demeanor made him look more like Charlie Brown than an international superstar at the Vogue Festival in London. Hey Kanye, if any raven-haired girls ask you to kick a football, don't fall for it!

  • Inner Turmoil

    Image via Neil Warner/Splash News

    Kanye looked nervous at the Art of Giving Love Ball in Paris. Maybe he wasn't sure which Kimoji to send his wife.

  • High Anxiety

    Image via Photographer Groupx/Splash News

    Kanye: How can I be sure everyone sees this dope lightning bolt on my sleeve?

    Kanye's assistant: I promise, Ye, nobody could possibly miss it.

  • There, There

    Image via Bello/Splash

    It looked like Kanye was about to burst into tears while leaving The Nice Guy club in LA. Sometimes we can't help but wonder if he feels everything a little too much.

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  • How Rude

    Image via Rick Davis/Splash News

    We don't know who ticked Kanye off so much, but they better watch themselves. You never know when you might become the focus of a new viral feud with this tempermental rap mogul.

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