Sarah Jessica Parker Quits EpiPen Ad Campaign Over Price Gouging & It's Personal

Sarah Jessica Parker epipenDon't you love it when someone takes a stand over an important issue even if it hurts her wallet? Sarah Jessica Parker has cut ties with Mylan, the pharmaceutical giant that recently hiked up the price of its EpiPens to more than $600 a piece. The beloved Sex & the City star took to Instagram to reveal why this issue is so personal to her and why she can't partner with a company that's putting people with life-threatening allergies at risk. 


Because Parker's son, James, has a severe peanut allergy, the mom of three had been serving as a paid spokesperson for the company to raise awareness of the risks of anaphylaxis.

But the recent price surge forced the actress to say enough is enough. The price of the auto-injectors trusted by millions with severe allergies has quintupled since 2004, forcing doctors, patients, and EMTs to resort to syringes, which may not always provide an accurate dose.

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Check out SJP's powerful statement: 

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Good for this mom for taking a stand! We hope Mylan gets the message loud and clear and lowers the cost of the EpiPen before someone dies as a result of not being able to afford it. 

Also, what company wouldn't want to have the former Carrie Bradshaw on their side? 

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While we don't know how much SJP was getting paid for this campaign, we love that she's put her priorities and the health of others above a paycheck. Now we just hope Mylan does the right thing. 


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