Kim Kardashian's Tennis Attire Is Basically Just Lingerie

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Tennis, anyone? While on her epic and very well-documented Mexican vacay, Kim Kardashian took time out of her busy schedule of hanging by the pool and rolling around in the sand on the beach to play some tennis with friend Jasmine Sanders. Of course, instead of sporting a tradition tennis outfit, Kim opted for a nude-colored bikini and she, duh, doused herself in baby oil. Looks like we've got a future Serena Williams on our hands, folks!


Here's how Kim and Jasmine "played tennis." Clearly, this was a very serious match. 

Even Kim looks like she can barely keep a straight face in these pics. Who plays tennis like this?!

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Kim's body is more on point than ever since giving birth to son Saint in December -- of course she should show it off. But her Mexican holiday attire is starting to seem a little ridiculous at this point. 


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Selfish in Mexico

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Kim is an absolutely breathtaking human being, and beyond that, she's a wildly successful businesswoman. But if she wants to stop being the butt of people's jokes, maybe she should chill out with the insanely overtly sexual photo ops that look anything but casual. 

No doubt, there's a method to Kim's madness. She didn't sky-rocket to uber-fame and become a bajillionaire for no reason. But ya can't always have your cake and eat it, too. You are beyond hot, girl, but no one is buying that this was an actual game of tennis. 


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