Kim Kardashian's Latest 'Bathing Suit' Is as Revealing as It Is Confusing

kim kardashian

Okay, what. Is going. On?! While she was on holiday in Mexico, Kim Kardashian paraded around in her fair share of skimpy attire and bathing suits. But the reality star's most recent vacay photos show the mom of two in hands down her craziest "bathing suit" ever. Kim is wearing a string thong and weirdly tied wet T-shirt. Why not cut out the middle man and just go nudey-rudey, Kimmy?


Feast your eyes on the photo to the left. Like, wut?

The photo on the right is insane too, but that's old news. And to be honest, somewhat of a modest cut compared to what Kim is wearing on the left. 

More from CafeMom:

Kim was obviously on a mission to show off her incredible post-baby bod on this trip for the paparazzi (and, in turn, the world) -- as she should! Woman looks good right now. But let's be honest here: Her choice in bathing suits is a bit perplexing. Can one even swim in these suits?

Whatevs. If there's one thing Kim's going to do, it's her, and you've gotta respect that. Not many people would walk around in outfits like these when a zillion cameras are pointed their way, regardless of how amazing they looked. But then again, not many people are Kim Kardashian. 


Image via Stone-e/ News

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