16 Times Kourtney Kardashian Really Needed to Loosen Up

Amy Goldman | Sep 20, 2016 Celebrities

Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian is certainly no little red hen, but whether she's taking care of her three kids, looking after her sisters, or addressing rumors about if she's reuniting with Scott Disick, she always has a lot on her plate. We're glad Kourt had the chance to vacation in Nantucket recently, because sometimes it looks like she could really use a poolside breather.

Life as a celebrity mom is demanding, but sometimes we wonder if Kourtney might be the most stressed out and world-weary of the Kardashian sisters. Keep reading for 16 times Kourtney looked like she needed to find her inner zen.

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  • Stunner Shade

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    Kourtney was throwing left and right while leaving an Alice and Olivia fashion show. As far as we know, no casualties were reported, but who knows how many people were injured in the crossfire.

  • Talk About a Headache

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    Kourt looks a little less than thrilled on her way to the Nice Guy Club. But any one of us would probably be uncomfortable too if we had the braid equivelent of a 500 lb scorpion tail attached to our head.

  • Hide & Seek

    Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

    The horrors of the news cycle caught up with Kourt when she was en route to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians set. We can't believe this election, either!

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  • Party Ready

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    Kourtney looks to be in no mood to celebrate her grandmother's birthday, but she soldiered through and even brought her son Mason to the party. 

  • Oy Vey

    Image via Pap Nation/Splash News

    Kourtney's angst-filled gesture perfectly reflects how we feel every time we discover we're running low on coffee.

  • Summertime Sadness

    Image via Splash News

    Kourtney looks like the gloomy subject of a Lana Del Rey song here. Meanwhile we would be thrilled to look that great in a bathing suit.

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  • Talk to the (Back of the) Hand

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    Kourt served up a whole lot of attitude while vacationing in Miami Beach for the 4th of July. No matter the cause of her disdain, we firmly believe that she was practicing her constitutional right to throw as much shade as she pleases.

  • On Pins & Needles

    Image via MONEY$HOT-$HAWN/Splash News

    Maybe Kourt looked stressed here because she was fed up with her driver. Or maybe she was woried that her skirt, which was seemingly held together by safety pins, might fall apart at any moment. 

  • Tiny but Mighty

    Image via SAF/Splash News

    Kourtney looks like she's one camera bulb flash away from picking a fight. Don't let her petite stature fool you -- we bet this Kardashian sister could take anybody down.

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  • If Looks Could Kill

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    Kourtney looks less like she's going out for a night of partying in London and more like she's on her way to a goth convention. Perhaps a relaxation app could be the next Kardashian mobile venture.

  • Shop 'Til You Drop

    Image via Brian Prahl/J Lee Splash News

    Is Kourtney shopping for fun or shopping for a funeral? She looks so anxious here that we can't really decide.

  • A World of Trouble

    Image via Splash News

    Kourtney managed to simultaneously look incredibly glamorous and somewhat disconcerted at the 2016 Glamour Women of the Year Awards. We may never know what was troubling her.

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  • London Woes

    Image via TGB/Splash News

    Kourtney seemed a little troubled on a recent visit to London. Anxiety truly has never looked so sexy. 

  • Her Eyelashes Double as Shivs

    Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

    Kourtney was super glam and super tense at 1 Oak Las Vegas for Scott's birthday bash. The couple's drama-packed history is enough to send anyone's nerves on edge. 

  • Holey War

    Image via Jacson/Splash News

    Kourt looks peeved about the moths that attacked her jeans. Fortunately tattered denim is au courant.

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  • Anywhere but Here

    Image via VIPix/Splash News

    Kourt looks like she's looking for the answer to all of her problems. Maybe we suggest a family trip Nantucket?

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