Yoga Class Just Got a Serious Upgrade & We Have Drake to Thank

Drake pouting

I'll try anything once when it comes to fitness -- anything from kickboxing to cycling to swimming. But out of everything I've tried, yoga is the one that never really worked out for me ... and you know what? That was always okay with me. Well, until now: After finding out that there's a yoga course in LA that celebrates Canadian rapper Drake, I might have to put my inner-yogi skills to the test one last time. 


The course is called Namasdrake and the description hilariously promises to take your "flow from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK!!" with nothing but Drake spinning. Tickets are only $23 for the hour-long vinyasa course, which is obviously a win.

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Masterfully thought up by DJ and event planner T.J. Petracca and DJ and yoga instructor Paul Schneider, Namasdrake is clearly genius. Schneider elaborated on the concept, telling the Los Angeles Times, "[Drake]'s so sensitive, but at the same time has these really hard hip-hop songs .... It's like the yin and yang of yoga."

The course is only offered to those 21 and over, which seems weird at first, but we have a feeling the "Drake Drinks" are to thank. They're post-yoga cocktails with names like "What a Time to Be a Lime" and made with ingredients like rum and lime.

Suffice it to say that this event is a millennial dream come true. That's further confirmed by the fact that there's even a Geofilter for Snapchat junkies that's described as "a floating Drake, in mountain pose, crying a single tear." Beautiful.

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While I am certainly a Drake fan, I'm not 100 percent sure I like him enough to fly to another coast just to experience this class. But I'm considering it, which says something. Part of me realizes that I just want to go to say I went and to slap a Snapchat filter on my best yoga pose while I humblebrag the night away ... but who the hell wouldn't want to do that? I'm not too good to admit it (and you shouldn't be either). 

Sadly, I'm too late to make it in time for "Summer Sixteen," and the courses are only offered once a month. Still, that gives me time to plan for the next monthly stroke of genius and amazing act of fandom.

So, fellow Drake fans -- what do you say? Road trip?


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