Tia Mowry Says We Owe It to Ourselves (& Our Kids) to Be Blunt About Our Body Talk

No matter how much women have proven that they do in fact run the world, issues like feminine care and hygiene are still taboo subjects to talk about, even between women. The major topic being swept under the rug is, of course -- cue the hush-hush tone that is inevitable when any person dares to utter this natural bodily process -- periods! Well, Tia Mowry is daring women to talk about the good, the bad, and the unexpected that comes along with being female by working with Carefree on their new Speak Freely campaign. And CafeMom was able to chat with the actress about her involvement in the campaign and why the message is so important for her as a mom. 


Mowry and fellow actress Ana Ortiz kicked off the campaign launch at NYC's Haven's Kitchen with a sit-down dinner discussion surrounded by women (of course!). The campaign begins just in time for Women's Equality Day this week. The two also announced that they will be launching a video series (it'll be up on YouTube) with Carefree Liners that will feature these starlets and other ladies talking about all those good and cringeworthy things that go along with being a woman. 

There's no doubt that the At Home With Tia star knows a thing or two about being open with her fans on TV and via social media. So it is no surprise that Mowry is willing to join forces with Carefree and shed some light on women's issues.

"It was a no-brainer for me because I am a mom, I am a woman, and I am not afraid to keep it real. I voice my opinion. It's just who I am. And I'm a huge advocate for women and people in general just being able to be themselves and to speak freely," Mowry told CafeMom

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Not only is she supporting ladies' being able to speak honestly about their bodies, but this mom also has her son, Cree, in mind. Here's how she explained it to us: 

When you are able to speak freely, you are opening up a community, an environment, and a discussion where you can be yourself. One thing that I teach my son is that I want him to be himself no matter what. My son has long hair. When I put pictures of him on the Internet people are always commenting, 'Oh, he looks like a girl; he should cut his hair; boys don't have long hair.' And I'm like, really?! I ask him and I say, 'Cree, do you want me to cut your hair?' And he's like, 'No, Mommy, I don't.' I want my son to be comfortable with who he is and to be free to express himself the way he wants to express himself.

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But in regard to women, this mom thinks it's high time that women start opening up about these things that are so natural.


These bodily processes have been happening since the beginning of time, you know. No one should have to feel embarrassed to talk about periods, sweating, or bladder leaks, but society has conditioned us to shy away from these subjects. That only leaves women to find out the honest truth for themselves when you could be prepared beforehand. 

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One thing in particular that she wants women to speak more freely about is the truth about pregnancy:   

Women should speak freely about body changes that we go through after giving birth but just being a woman in general. I feel like after giving birth women feel the need to snap back. We feel pressured to get back to what our bodies looked like before pregnancy or even better than pregnancy. Why? You just gave birth to a miracle. Take your time. Enjoy this moment. Enjoy this journey. I think women should feel comfortable and be okay to talk about how their boobs sag after breastfeeding. I wish that more women would talk about that -- that your boobs are not going to be the same because you're breastfeeding. In general, you're not the same as a person. You change after becoming a mom. 

This busy mom isn't into labels, but she is in favor of fairness and equality of the sexes. Men seem to have have no problem talking about what are considered risky topics, so why should we? 

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I love being a woman. And I wanted to applaud all of the women in the room today because we are strong individuals. I think women have so many different facets to our personalities. We're moms. We're wives, we're mothers. We're grandmothers. We're best friends. We're girlfriends. We freaking rock! We really, really do. And I'm happy that we live in a society that's allowing women to express themselves, to have a voice, to be in the workforce, to demand equality, to be CEOs, to run things, to be ambitious. We are amazing human beings! 


But we still have so far to go. The next step in the gender battle is to erase the stigma surrounding female anatomy (I mean the vagina!). So let's speak up. Let's make talking about the female body normal. It's about damn time! 



Image via AXELLE WOUSSEN/Bauergriffin.com

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