The Latest 'Most Beautiful Women' List Was Just Released & Yep, It's Still Sexist BS

I just got a look at the latest sexist list that ranks the "Most Beautiful" celebs based on something called the Phi ratio, which measures the symmetry of facial features to determine who is prettiest. It's exactly the same repackaged garbage trying to convince all of us there's one very narrow way to be beautiful, and you know what? F-that.


The list is full of the predictable names -- including the names that probably cut large checks to publicists to make sure they stay on top of lists just like these. There's Jennifer Lawrence, Helen Mirren, Marilyn Monroe, and a bunch of other names you could probably guess for yourself, including the token Kardashian and Jenner.

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The only glimpse of any diversity among those that "science" says are "most beautiful" (read: not white and sample size) is Selena Gomez.

Is the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery trying to tell me the group of the top 10 most classically beautiful women in the world doesn't include one black woman? Not Halle Berry, Dorothy Dandridge, or Pam Grier? Tyra Banks? Diana Ross? Rihanna?

Bad look.

I could go through all of the other women whose beauty is so much more complicated, luminous, and incredible than any stupid and reductive list could ever begin to measure and rank. Serena Williams, Tess Holliday, Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama -- these are beautiful women who are so much more than the sum of the distances between their facial features. Women are more than the sum of our body parts and women need to start demanding better for ourselves and our daughters.

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Who's with me?

Here's one doozy quote from Cosmopolitan: "While standards of beauty vary by culture, the ratio method is an interesting approach to aesthetics and may give us some clues as to why some people stand out more than others."

The reason some people stand out more than others is because they happen to have been born with a certain magical combination of features that marketers tell us are most desirable. The reason why these women are considered to be more beautiful is that magazines keep telling us bullshit like there's a scientific formula based on a genetic lottery that determines our worth and value. And that we should measure and rank ourselves against the other women around us.

Real healthy.

It's even insulting to the women who are on the "Most Beautiful" list.  Sorry, but the thing that's most beautiful about Helen Mirren has nothing to do with her nostril measurements -- she, Scarlett Johansson, and Jennifer Lawrence also happen to be really outstanding actresses. That is beautiful.

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I like Cosmo, and a lot of their stuff is just flirty fun. But this is more than that. This is damaging to women and it's a terrible message to send to our girls. You don't have to be rich, blonde, perfect, or have perfectly symmetrical cheekbones to be beautiful. It's just not true. And we need to call out lies like this that we keep telling ourselves -- and each other -- if we can ever hope for a change.


Image via Cosmopolitan/Twitter

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