Kim Kardashian Freely Admits Stealing Super Expensive Items From Hotels

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Seriously, Kim? You're a bajillionaire! In a post featured on her app recently, Kim Kardashian admit to stealing robes from hotel rooms. But not just any robes. Robes that retail for over $300. Tsk, tsk, Kimmy. 


In the post, Kim wrote, "One of my fave things about staying in hotels are the big, fluffy white robes they put in the rooms. Anyone who's traveled with me knows I'm OBSESSED, lol." She then revealed that, despite her insane bank account, she's not above tucking them into her suitcase upon departure. "I'll even admit, sometimes I take the robes from my fave accommodations, like the Atlantis in Dubai (So sorry! I stole two! LOL!) and the Montage in Beverly Hills, because they literally have the best ones." Ya think Kim will get a bill from either hotel after admitting to this? (Yeah, probably not.)

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While it's not like Kim stole a $10,000 piece of jewelry, technically, it is still stealing. And given that she's reportedly worth $150 million, it's a little icky that she didn't just ask to keep them. (Especially when odds are that the hotel would have given them to her for free.) It's a little bizarre that she would admit to something like this so freely, but hey -- when you're a celebrity, you basically go through life consequence-free, so #whatevs, right?

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But for the record, Kim: Don't think that housekeeping isn't going to do some serious recon the next time you check out of a hotel. 

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