Anna Duggar Gives a Long-Awaited Update on the State of Her Marriage With Josh

It's been a while since we've heard from these two, but it looks like things are (slowly) starting to heal. Anna Duggar opened up about her marriage with Josh on the season 2 premiere of Counting On, and while a lot of us may not agree with her decision to stay with him, we couldn't help but be glad to see her looking happier than she has in a long time.


Last season, there were a lot of tears from Josh's wife as she stood by her man while he was in intensive rehab for sexual addiction, after being caught cheating on her. She said that she was praying for God to restore her marriage, after Josh confessed to being "the biggest hypocrite ever" after lobbying against same-sex marriage as ungodly, while actively engaging in extramarital affairs.

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Josh came home this past spring after seven months in rehab, but TLC (wisely) opted to keep him off the air. We did hear from Anna though, who seemed more positive than she's been in a long time about the prognosis of her marriage.

Anna told the camera, "Personally, I have a lot of hope for our marriage, and so as I see Josh taking steps to do what's right, it brings a lot of joy and helps heal the pain that we walked through."

She continued, "We are just taking it one day at a time ... and working on strengthening our relationship as a couple and with our children."

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The couple has kept on the DL for the past several months since Josh returned home, but have been spotted in public a few times. Josh has reportedly been working at the Duggar family's used car lot, and spending lots of time reconnecting with his four young kiddos, who undoubtedly missed their dad terribly.

We're still inclined to give Josh the side-eye for a long time coming, but we wish Anna nothing but happiness. Hopefully, Josh is able to truly transform into the husband she deserves.


Image via TLC

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