Kim Kardashian Shares Her Gloriously Greasy 'Cheat Day' Meal

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Go big or go home! Ever since she gave birth to son Saint in December of last year, Kim Kardashian has been on a mission to get in the best shape of her life -- and get in the best shape of her life she has! The mama of two has been flaunting her insane bod in everything from nude selfies to twerking videos to itty-bitty bikinis. (And rightfully so, she looks amazing.) Kim has credited the Atkins diet along with working out for her incredible post-baby figure. But being that she's only human, the girl allows for a few cheat days. And -- as documented by Snapchat -- when Kim has a cheat day, girl goes big. 


Despite her 70-pound weight loss, Kim documented her super tasty-looking feast from In-N-Out. "Sometimes you just have to!" Kim captioned the pic, which featured a burger, drink, and massive plate of cheesy fries. Yum. 

Of course, just because she's indulging in a fast food craving doesn't mean Kim is slacking in the working-out department. While on vacation in Mexico, Kim shared a video of her trainer, saying, "No days off. We brought Joe with us."

Good for her. That incredible body didn't appear out of thin air. If your cheat-day game is going to be strong, no slacking off in the workout department. 

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While some people aren't the biggest fans of Kim, it's hard not to appreciate her ever-present candidness. She's documented her entire fitness journey, so why not share her once-in-a-while indulgences? Lots of people can relate to needing a burger and fries when on a strict diet. (Um, right?)

After her fast food feast, Kim was probably back to her strict protein-heavy, carb-limiting diet. And from the looks of things, her off day was worth every single bite. 



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