Watch Dame Helen Mirren Prove She's the OG of Shutting Down Sexist Comments

Helen Mirren in the '70s

The era of the '70s was indeed a time of progress for many movements, including women's rights. And while there were tons of ballsy women to whom we must give major props for standing up against sexism during a time when it was the norm (more so than now) -- it's Helen Mirren who may have slipped under the radar as a badass feminist (yes, even back then). The proof? This video from 1975 of a 30-year-old Mirren elegantly calling out talk show host Michael Parkinson in regards to his sexist commentary -- and she does so without even raising her voice. 


Why, after 40 years, is this interview trending? Who knows. It could be because it was just that controversial for the time. Or perhaps because Mirren has brought the interview up a time or two in more recent years. Or simply because she's just so damn boss, especially when considering this was her first-ever talk show interview. Whatever the reason is, we're just happy to have had the opportunity to see for ourselves -- firsthand.

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And, yes, it's that crazy! From the jump you could tell that everything that came out of Parkinson's mouth was going to be notably pig-like. I mean, he introduced Mirren with remarks from critics who had, he said, spent "about as much time discussing her physical attributes as they do her acting ability."

However, after that I just can't tell you which part was most offensive -- from comments insinuating that she may not be a "serious actress" to childish notes about her "physical attributes" in correlation to how they might "detract from the performance."

Sure, he makes himself look foolish -- but then Helen fires back ever-so-graciously, letting him (and whoever else may feel that way) know how idiotic it might be to get such an idea. Specifically, Mirren said:

...what a crummy performance if people are obsessed with the size of your bosom over anything else. I would hope that the performance and the play and the living relationship between all the people on the stage and all the people in the audience would overcome such ... boring questions, really.

See for yourself:

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While the two seemed far more friendly in a more recent interview, it probably has a ton to do with growth and that age-old wisdom that hindsight provides -- and perhaps all of that taught Parky that you shouldn't say anything if you don't have anything nice to say (something he should have listened to from his mother). 

The one constant in all of this is that Helen Mirren has been a feminist figurehead since forever, and we're beyond grateful to have someone like her in our corner. And don't you forget it. 


Image via Caesonia's channel/YouTube

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