Watch Miranda Lambert as She's Moved to Tears Mid-Concert by Soldier's Sign

Miranda Lambert cries over soldier's sign This stunning country crooner has a pretty tough exterior, but one fan's words moved her to tears and we're right there with her. During a recent concert in Hartford, Connecticut, Miranda Lambert was so touched by a soldier's sign that she not only had to take a moment to wipe her eyes and get a drink, but she also told the audience to take the second verse while she composed herself. 


As soon as Lambert spotted the sign, which read: "3 combat tours … You're [sic] Voice Was the Last Thing I Listened to EVERY NIGHT! THANK YOU!!!" you could see that she was filled with emotion immediately. 

Watch as she shows these heartfelt words to the audience and her band and takes in the true magnitude of this compliment: 

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Wow, right? It's one thing to know that your music moves and inspires people, but it's another to understand that this soldier, standing before you, who defended your country, found solace and comfort in your voice. Every night. Simply amazing. 

If that doesn't make you feel like your work is meaningful, nothing will. And good for this soldier for using music as a way to possibly unwind and relax in what has to be one of the most frightening settings one can imagine. 

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What a beautiful moment. Don't you love how in touch Lambert is with her audience? She's thanking the soldier for this message even though she realizes it has momentarily derailed her show -- in the best possible way.

This tour has been anything but dull for the 32-year-old songstress. After this emotional tribute, Lambert received a marriage proposal -- complete with pink, sparkling engagement ring -- from a 6-year-old named Sebastian.

When you see how real Lambert is, is it any wonder she's receiving so much love from fans? 

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