15 Celebs Who Broke Up With Hollywood & Found Success in the Real World

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It's so easy to look at stars and think about how easy their lives must be. The glitz. The glam. The bank account we'd kill to have. Many celebs love basking in the Hollywood spotlight (some a little too much) while others decide, at some point, to exit stage right. Sometimes, the perks of being famous just isn't worth it. And who can blame them? For all the glamorous moments, being famous and a child cannot be easy. 


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With tons of aspiring entertainers heading off to the land of stardom, there are some celebrities who decided to pack up and pursue other ventures. Maybe we'll see them in front of the cameras again, and maybe we won't. But when we look at what they are doing now, we have to agree that leaving the Hollywood life does seem to agree with them. They've found different careers, had families, written books, or disappeared from public life. Some have had some missteps, while others have thrived. But either way, we were totally driven to find out where our favorite celebrities have gone -- and now we've made a list of our faves to share with the world. Inquiring minds want to know! 

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