Donald Trump Doesn't Deserve Amber Tamblyn's Anti-Body-Shaming Sympathy

Donald Trump and Amber Tamblyn

Donald Trump's involvement in the election process seems to have started as a joke followed by a freakishly real nightmare -- this, as we've learned, is merely the unavoidable result of giving this man a platform bigger than a boardroom and a microphone. That said, it's no secret that he's certainly pissed people off nearly every time he's thought to open his mouth. However, actress Amber Tamblyn doesn't find that reason enough to body shame him


Tamblyn shared a photo of one of the naked Trump statues from art collective Indecline's "The Emperor has No Balls" project. In the photo Tamblyn posted, though, a sign was digitally added that read, "Shame me for my behavior not my body." And Amber she didn't hold back in sharing her thoughts on the work of art, with a caption reading:

Body shaming is never okay, even when it comes to trump. These statues aren't art: They are a lazy, unoriginal concept, stolen mind you, from Illma Gore's painting which already made this exact same point earlier this year. This is wholly unoriginal and uncreative.

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While Tamblyn's sentiment isn't completely lost on me, I find myself making excuses to see this as acceptable -- namely the fact that this guy (Trump) is the ultimate troll. Sure, an eye for an eye may be blinding, but there's also the fact that respect is a mutual thing -- it unfortunately doesn't work if it's a one-sided deal. Frankly, I'm not the only one who feels this way, with her followers being divided on the matter. Some agree with her:

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And others clearly don't:

In all seriousness, think about it and take stock of everything that Trump has said. The man is a skilled assassin when it comes to insulting the masses with his ignorant commentary. So, while I can clearly see the hypocritical nature of our body-shaming the man ... I guess I just don't care to make it stop, and I definitely won't be an advocate for ending it.

Aside from his wig-like hair and his a**hole personality, I don't generally utilize my sweet time busting his balls (or, as these sculptures indicate, lack thereof), but I will damn sure rally with those who do before I rally with those who don't. So, in doing so, I just kinda wish Amber Tamblyn would have several seats and let us live our lives as trolls in this one instance that I find acceptable. 

Say what you will about me (as I'm sure you will do), but at least I'm honest. 


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