Kourtney Kardashian Spends the Dog Days of Summer in Minuscule Gray Bikini

kourtney kardashian

She now has props for her bikini shots! Kourtney Kardashian posted a bathing suit pic to Instagram on Monday, because seriously, is it really a week if we don't see our girl Kourt in a bikini? But Kourtney, who looks insane in her tiny gray swimsuit, had a special guest with her for this shot, though: a super cute doggy. It's hard to tell who's the star of this pic -- Kourt or the dog!


Smiling big, Kourtney captioned the pic, "Just call me the dog whisperer." How cute is this little guy?! And how great does Kourt look in her bathing suit? Damn, woman!

Just call me the dog whisperer.

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Hot mama. Also, it's kind of interesting to see Kourtney with a dog in her lap, as she's not the world's biggest animal lover. Guess this little pup was hard to resist, though. 

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Kim may be the most high-profile, glam sister of the bunch, but this summer, it's seemed like it's puh-retty good to be Kourtney. Not only has she gone on 15 vacations, she basically just hangs out in the pool with dogs all day. What a life!

No doubt, Kourtney's kids were thrilled to have a little doggy around. But they probably shouldn't get their hopes up for one of their own. Kourtney has stated in the past that she has no interest in being a pet owner. Come on, all that walking and feeding a pup would cut into precious pool time!


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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