Kim Kardashian Is Not Your Average Mom in Itty-Bitty White Swimsuit

kim kardashian

She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom. As Kim Kardashian's fun-in-the-sun Mexico vacay continues, more photos have surfaced of the mom of two looking stunning in a bathing suit. In the latest shots, Kim was spotted wearing an insane white bathing suit while swinging her sweet daughter North around in the air as little Saint looked on. Precious. 


Kim hung out at the pool and beach with her two kids, and not surprisingly, she so doesn't look like your everyday mom. Check it out:

Like, what? Who looks like that while playing with their kids?

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From the looks of things, Kim and her family have been having the time of their lives on this trip. Not only has Kim had the opportunity to flaunt every inch of her gorgeous post-baby body, it looks like she's gotten in some serious quality time with the kids. North and Saint must love having their mama all to themselves. 

Lately, Kim has been all about showing off her toned figured -- when was the last time we saw this woman in clothes?! -- so obviously she's super proud of how far she's come since giving birth less than a year ago. Good for her. 

But a word of advice, Kim: Might not want to get too crazy with the kids in that bathing suit. One wrong move and it's boob city. 


Image via Pap Nation/Splash News

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