Miranda Lambert Surprises Fans With Some Adorable Engagement News

Miranda Lambert engagedIt was only a matter of time before someone asked this stunning songstress for her hand in marriage. Miranda Lambert announced she's engaged, but before you get too excited at the thought of a lavish country wedding, there's something you need to know about her "fiancé" -- he's 6! Still, the former Mrs. Blake Shelton accepted little Sebastian's ring and the two plan to wed ... in 25 years. 


Looks like Anderson East, whom Lambert's been dating since last December, may want to take some notes, because apparently Sebastian is pretty smooth. 

The little fan approached concert-goer Sarah Goddard, who was on her way to a meet-and-greet with Lambert, and asked her to propose on his behalf. (So cute!!) Goddard then offered to bring him along so he could get down on one knee himself! Look at this adorable little guy:

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According to Sebastian's mom, the tiny suitor bought that pink sparkler himself and has been holding on to it since Christmas! For a 6-year-old, that's a pretty long time. Funny that during those months a kindergarten girl (or even a first grader, seeing as how he likes older ladies) didn't steal his heart away.

Apparently, he only has eyes for Lambert! She's one lucky lady.

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Still, Lambert's a big star and we'd have to imagine she'll tie the knot to someone a little closer to her own age between now and the next quarter-century, so we hope Sebastian isn't taking this too seriously.

But, hey, this will be a moment he'll always treasure. Few fans get to even meet their crushes, let alone propose to them, so we'd say Sebastian is way ahead of the game! And he's got pretty good taste! 


Image via Marc Nader / ZUMA Press / Splash

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