15 Times Khloe Kardashian Needed to Take a Deep Breath

Amy Goldman | Sep 1, 2016 Celebrities
15 Times Khloe Kardashian Needed to Take a Deep Breath

Khloe KardashianOf all the members of the Kardashian family, Khloe is usually the one who is labeled as being the most relatable thanks to her down-to-earth, low-key personality. The following photos would suggest, however, that even she has her moments of zero chill. 

Khloe's sense of humor and no-BS attitude set her apart from the rest of her family, but sometimes even the chillest of babes come across as high-strung. Keep reading for 15 times Khloe looked like she needed to take a breather and calm down a little.


Image via Parisa/Splash News

  • The Eyes Have It

    Image via Aficionado Group/Khrome/Splash News

    Khloe's eyes are so intense that they look like they could freeze the paparazzi in their tracks. To be fair, we also probably wouldn't have any chill if we were constantly being harassed by photographers with zero sense of boundaries.

  • Death Stare

    Image via Lauren/Splash News

    Khloe's look of pure contempt makes us grateful we're only seeing her from the safety of our desks. She's probably had a long day full of lunges and selfies, so maybe it's time to unwind with a stiff drink.

  • Rush Hour

    Image via Lauren/Splash News

    Whoa there, Khloe! Take your time. We know you're super into fitness now, but we promise you'll get home almost as quickly if you walk to your car instead of sprinting there.

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  • Hates Him With the Fire of a Thousand Suns

    Image via Splash News

    Khloe looks so displeased here that we had to quote 10 Things I Hate About You in order to fully convey her rage. She actually reminds us a lot of Julia Stiles's character in that movie -- sass, biting wit, and enough shade to fill the movie's 99-minute running time. 

  • Full Exposure

    Image via Bello/J I X/Splash News

    Weird, Khloe is making the same uneasy face we did when we saw her shirt for the first time. We're all for #freethenipple, but we're also wondering how much boob tape it took to get everything to stay that way.

  • SOS

    Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

    Something tells us that either the food or the conversation was not to Khloe's liking when she was filmed having lunch at Il Pastaio restaurant. We've never seen an expression that more perfectly conveys pure disgust.

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  • Sadness by Association

    Image via Pap Nation/Splash News

    Khloe looked absolutely fabulous on the way out of 1 Oak for Scott Disick's birthday party, but also a little bit like she was overwhelmed by a sudden bout of anxiety. Maybe that's just a natural byproduct of spending time around Scott Disick. 

  • Wrath of Khloe

    Image via Splash News

    Whoever dared to offend Khloe at the NBC Universal Upfronts event should have thought twice before crossing this Kardashian sister. We can feel her scorn through our computer screens.

  • Fear and Loathing

    Image via Bello/Splash News

    Khloe looks super mad that she forgot it was leg day at the gym. We all slip up sometimes. 

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  • Sneak Attack

    Image via Splash News

    Heart palpitations are a classic symptom of an anxiety attack. Just take some deep breaths, Khloe, and you'll feel fine in no time! The swarm of teenagers following you with their cell phones out probably isn't helping.

  • No Air

    Image via Brian Prahl/Splash News

    Khloe seemed truly disgusted while celebrating Malika and Khadijah Haqq's birthday. Or perhaps she was struggling to breathe in her sparkly turtleneck bodysuit.

  • Uh-Oh! SpaghettiOs

    Image via VIPix/Splash News

    Khloe looked lost in thought while clutching a tupperware of what appeared to be SpaghettiOs. Chin up, Khloe! No one rocks 2/3 of a shirt like you.

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  • Instant Facelift

    Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

    Khloe looked more panicked than excited to be on her way to The Nice Guy, a popular Italian restaurant in LA. 

  • Relatable

    Image via 247PAPS.TV/Splash News

    Sure, fans can be a little needy sometimes, but Khloe looked truly horrified by one of hers at a book signing. 

  • Sissy Fit

    Image via Brian Prahl /J Lee/ Splash News

    We're throwing it all the way back to 2010 with this one. Khloe looked pretty miserable while shopping with Kourtney in NYC. Starlets usually rely on their eyes to throw shade, but Khloe also incorporates her hands and her entire face to truly express her disapproval. 

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