Jim Bob Duggar Unfairly Raked Over the Coals for Putting His Kids in Harm's Way

Of all the things someone might criticize the Duggars for, this one seems like a bit of a stretch. Okay, a lot of a stretch. Jim Bob Duggar was accused of endangering his young children when the family posted a throwback photo of him holding two of them on the trampoline.


Seriously. He played with his cute kids, and all of sudden he's not only a terrible father, but also a total hypocrite. Depending on where you stand on Duggar-related issues, either of those may be true ... but it's not because of this photo.

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In the Instagrammed photo, Jim Bob is holding their second set of twins, Jed and Jeremiah, now 17.

TBT: Dad jumping with Jed and Jer.

A photo posted by The Duggar Family (@duggarfam) on

Cute pic, right? And hey, they even have one of those safety net things up, and we didn't even know they were available a decade and a half ago. That should be considered a good parent move, right?

Not so much, according to some commenters, who probably need to take a chill pill. Net or not, one user wrote, "Trampolines with babies isn't safe, if he had half a brain he would know that. Don't care who it is."

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Someone else was upset that toddlers were only diaper-clad. "Oh wait I guess it's ok for them to be naked bc it's boys ... If that was two of the girls it would never see the light of day," they said.

There are certainly many things the Duggars have done over the years to raise eyebrows ... this picture isn't one of them. 


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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