Kim Kardashian's New Bathing Suit Selfies Will Make You Weep

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Well, hello. Kim Kardashian is finally taking a break from her nonstop schedule to squeeze in some R&R with the fam bam. Kim, along with her two kids and friend Jasmine Sanders, are hitting up the beach in Mexico this week, and from the looks of things, Kim's having a grand ol' time. In addition to hanging out on a boat and relaxing on the beach, Kim managed to squeeze in some time for a few bathing suit selfies. And yep -- totally worth it. Kim looks insane


Kim posed with Jasmine in matching swimsuits. Kim went for a bright coral, while Jasmine opted for electric blue. Both girls look amazing. 

Best trip ever! follow me on snap

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Gorgeous. (And doesn't Jasmine kind of look like Khloe in this pic?)

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Here's another:

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Of course, being that she's always one to go over the top, Kim also posted a few racy videos of her butt clad in a thong bikini to Snapchat. Kanye's a lucky, lucky man. 

Yowza. It's pretty incredible that Kim has two kids under 4. Most women don't look this toned and in shape ever

Kim has made no bones about the fact that she's loving her new body -- she worked hard to get into great shape after the December birth of Saint, after all. The mom of two has been posting racy photos of herself here and there since giving birth, and has even hinted at a nude photo soon. So get ready, guys. 

On Snapchat, Kim revealed that the paparazzi managed to find her while on vacation, so she's just going to start "living her life and Snapping." So, no doubt, there will be more super sexy pics and videos to come. You can thank the paparazzi later. 


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News 

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