We Love Chrissy Teigen's Stretch Mark Snap -- but We Wish She Did, Too

Chrissy Teigen is the undisputed queen of our hearts, and we're here for 98 percent of everything she posts on social media. Buuut we have a bone to pick with her most recent Snapchat story: It featured her stretch-marked thighs, and while that's historically been a recipe for Chrissy Teigen social success, this time, the caption kind of made us sad.


Don't get us wrong: We're glad Chrissy's not claiming to look airbrushed 100 percent of the time. We love that she's honest and that she talks about her stretch marks ... we just wish she used more body-positive language (and fewer sobbing emojis) to do so.

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Here's the photo she posted:

Very real, very relatable, especially for a mom four months postpartum. But we don't love the word "tributaries," and we definitely don't love the crying emoji. They're both acknowledging there's something "wrong" with this picture instead of celebrating these marks for being normal. We get that she doesn't love them, but we wish she did.

It should go without saying that it's more than a little hypocritical for us to call Chrissy out for this -- it's not like we have the best relationship with our own imperfections. 

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But with Chrissy, it's different. First of all, we've always looked to her for real body talk. Second, she's a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model for Christ's sake. If she can be hot with stretch marks, we all can. Most importantly, though, she's a role model. Girls and women literally from all over the world pay attention to the way she talks about her body, so it'd be great to see more positive language that we can take for ourselves.

Usually, she's really good about staying honest, true to her humor, and positive about her body. And while this Snap is far from bad or offensive, we wish she had been a liiiittle more loving toward her stretchies.

Next time, though.


Image via Splash News

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