Amy Schumer Might Want to Learn How to Talk About Rape From This Website

Never in the history of ever have we been so inclined to hand out an award for Best Interneting than right now and here's why: Reductress, a women's satire site similar to The Onion or Clickhole but better, changed every headline and story on their homepage to funny (but still painfully real) articles about sexual abuse to make fun of dudes who just don't get it. The idea came up after a chorus of clueless guys got defensive of their friend who was accused of rape by several women. One of the worst offenders is a writer famous for Inside Amy Schumer, but Amy's response to his comments didn't leave us feeling so great. Reductress's, however, was perfect.


The worst of the drama kicked off when Kurt Metzger, a friend and coworker of Amy's, posted a long and terrible rant to Facebook defending a friend and fellow comedian who was accused of rape by multiple women and kicked out of a comedy network accordingly. 

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The post, which uses a fake name for the guy accused, is (or was -- he deleted it) awful:

We don't even want to get started on this. What we'll get started on instead is Reductress. The headlines they wrote in response to the whole situation hit on a range of topics -- from advice ("Chill Ways to Just Sort of Live with It"), to personal essays ("I Anonymously Reported My Rape for the Anonymous Attention"), to news ("'Most Women Lie About Rape,' Says Man Lying About Rape"), to recipes ("Fun Summer Cocktails When They Ask You 'Well, What Were You Drinking?'"). And yes, the articles are as flawless as the headlines.

Amy, on the other hand, hasn't dealt with it as gracefully. First, she started blocking users who asked her about the sitch:

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Then she backtracked and posted these tweets instead:

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It's confusing, we know. Amy explained that Inside Amy Schumer isn't canceled, it's just on pause indefinitely while she's touring. We don't know whether that means Metzger will have a job when it's back, but Amy's kind of making it sound like yes.

Either way, the really sad part is that Kurt Metzger has a track record of being nasty to women, and Amy has a track record of ignoring it. In 2013, Metzger said he was "pro-rape" in an interview and proudly owned up to "criminally choking" an ex, which sounds scarily close to domestic violence to us. That's also about the time women started complaining that Metzger was harassing them online.

Then this happened:

Yikes. Not good stuff.

Look, we like Amy Schumer. She's been good to us in the past even though some stuff she says leaves us feeling kind of meh. We're not ready to give up on her and we don't think she has "failed women." But we do kind of wish she had adopted more of a Reductress attitude to this whole thing, if only because we wish everyone would have a more Reductress attitude about everything. But whatever.


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