15 Times Kim Kardashian Really Needed to Chill Out

Amy Goldman | Aug 25, 2016 Celebrities

Kim KardashianWe're not sure how Kim Kardashian balances entrepreneurship, motherhood, and celebrity every single day without blowing a fuse, but somehow she pulls it off. Just like the rest of us, though, she's bound to get a little wound up from time to time. That's why we've been blessed with these photos of Kim looking like she really needs to chill out.

From displays of intense shade to eyes that expand to the size of planets, Kim Kardashian has endless ways to express her anxiety. Keep reading for 15 times Kim was in a state of zero chill. 

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  • She's in a Glass Case of Emotion

    Image via Splash News

    Kim looked a little tense at the #BlogHer16 Experts Among Us conference. Please be patient with us, Kim! We're not all as social media savvy as you are and need a little time to get on your level.

  • Next to the Tide Pods

    Image via Fern/Splash News

    That was the third time in one week that Kanye called Kim asking where the Tide pen was, so we understand why she was a little bit irritated. 

  • All Choked Up, Emotionally

    Image via BG011/Bauergriffin.com/Splash News

    If our relationships with our mothers were as fraught with tension as Kim's relationship is with Kris, we'd probably also wear tight chokers that serve as metaphors for her overbearing style of parenting and management.

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  • You Got a Problem With This?

    Image via Splash News

    No need to look so anxious, Kim. These days, people just expect the hairstyles sported by you and your siblings to come with a side of cultural appropriation.

  • Who Said That?

    Image via Splash News

    The voices are telling you to loosen up, Kim. You're a fabulously wealthy and gorgeous entrepreneur and mother, you'll be just fine. 

  • Spooky Scary

    Image via Sharpshooter Images/Splash News

    "Mommy, I dressed just like you."

    "Baby, mommy doesn't have time to point out the fine sartorial details that mark the differences between our outfits right now. I just saw a ghost and I am in a mood."

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  • You Want a Piece of Me?

    Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

    Kim looks like she's fed up and ready to take down the paparazzi who snapped this photo. We would bet all of our money on Kim.

  • O-o-h Child

    Image via Splash News

    Now might not be the best time to bother your mom, North. It looks like she's having a flashback to the time she wore peplum pants. Not a peplum top, peplum pants

  • This Year's Model

    Image via Splash News

    Kim is so perfect and tense-looking here. It feels like she forgets that it's okay to smile.

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  • Her Weapon of Choice

    Image via Khrome/Splash News

    Be careful throwing that much shade, Kim. You never know who will fall into the line of fire. It could be a famous actor, or it could be a poor, unsuspecting valet named Chad. Poor Chad.

  • Prison Break

    Image via Splash News

    We're not sure why Kim looks anxious here, but it's possible she's worried that her butt is attempting to break free from the confines of her denim skirt. It's a valid concern.

  • Common Concerns

    Image via Splash News

    "Kanye, what if people can't see how great I look in this dress because my sweater's covering it up?"

    "No, Kim, everyone can see. No one can not see."

    "Thanks, babe. You're so wise."

  • Peak Shade

    Image via Splash News

    We pity whomever was on the receiving end of Kim's intense side-eye. That's a glare that says, "Not today, underling. I uploaded a selfie to Instagram and forgot to use a filter. I have no time for your nonsense."

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  • Shadow of a Doubt

    Image via Splash News

    A hint of anxiety spreads across the otherwise pristine, air-brushed canvas that is Kim's face. 

  • Staring Off into Space

    Image via Neil Warner/TGB /Splash News

    We didn't know human eyes could expand to these enormous proportions. We're both impressed by Kim's Disney princess–sized features and worried about her blood pressure. 

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