20 Videos of Celebrities Dancing Like No One Is Watching

Even Bob Fosse said, "Don't dance for the audience — dance for yourself." After all, swiveling our hips, tapping our toes, waving our arms, and bopping our heads are just ways in which we use our bodies to communicate joy and emotion. Like the rest of us, when celebrities hear a song they like, they're bound to get down and boogie — whether at a concert, awards show, private party, or in their cars and homes. Some have been willing to risk looking foolish for the sake of some good ol' fashioned fun — dancing on talk shows and in clips shared via Instagram or YouTube. Others, meanwhile, have been caught off guard, secretly being recorded while letting loose on the dance floor. 


Not everyone can be Channing Tatum, but even when displaying some awkward moves, these dancing celebrities seem to be having the greatest time — and that, of course, makes us smile. Check out these videos of celebrities dancing without a care in the world.


Image via James Whatling/Corbis

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