#RelationshipGoals: Presented by Chrissy Teigen's & John Legend's 17 Best Social Media Moments

Kiarra Sylvester | Aug 19, 2016 Celebrities

If ever there was a celeb couple to come close to perfection, it would have to be Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Sure, you have others -- like Bey and Jay -- but I mean genuinely pure perfection, without all the PR stunts. From the time Chrissy and John introduced themselves to the world as a couple, I've never doubted that their relationship was the real deal. 

Of course, this is just one opinion and it's coming from little ol' me -- which probably means absolutely nothing to you. That's why we put together a slideshow of the most adorable social media moments that prove that this is the couple we all want to be (don't try to deny it). If you're not convinced after seeing these 17 pieces of bona fide evidence -- well, then the world is more cynical than I imagined.


Image via Splash News

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