Kate Middleton & Prince William Are About to Get a Famous Neighbor

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Come and knock on their door ... Looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to have a new neighbor in the very near future -- and luckily for them, it's someone they know quite well. According to reports, Princess Eugenie (Fergie's daughter, Princess Beatrice's sister) is going to be moving into a cottage in the same compound as the duke and duchess's 22-room "apartment" and Prince Harry's two-bedroom digs. Currently, Eugenie lives in another of the queen's properties, St. James's Palace, where she shares a place with her sis, but people are speculating that a possible wedding is on the horizon for Eugenie -- hence the move.  


Eugenie, who's been dating Jack Brooksbank for years, is set to take up residence next door to her cousin Harry. (Hope she's cool with noise after 12 a.m.!) She'll be moving into the three-bedroom Ivy Cottage, which is a short walk away from Prince William, Kate, and the kids. 

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Of course, the duke and duchess have their trusty nanny already, but hey, if they ever find themselves in a bind, maybe Eugenie could babysit for them. And how fun is it that a new royal is joining the compound? It's like a little royal campus.

Princess Eugenie, who's eighth in line to the throne, has been dating her bar-owner boyfriend for years now, and gossip that the couple will announce an engagement soon has reached a fever pitch. "He is a really lovely chap," a friend of the royal family told People of Brooksbank. "They adore each other and are really serious." Definitely sounds like an engagement is on the horizon. 

Only time will tell if the couple is going to tie the knot (come on, they totally are), but in the meantime, here's to the royal family living it up together at Kensington Palace. And if either Kate or Eugenie find themselves without a fascinator to match their outfit, they know where to go.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News 

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