Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Should Really Think Twice Before Offering Marriage Advice

This doesn't seem like a good idea at all. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are speaking at a marriage retreat, and while they may have a really great relationship, they should probably gird their loins against the barrage of "hypocrisy" cries sure to come their way.


After all, they were raked over the coals in 2015 for how they handled their eldest son Josh's confession over inappropriately touching four of his sisters and another underage babysitter as a young teen. They kept it very hush hush, and sent him away to help a Christian friend in construction so he could be "cured."

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Guess it didn't work, because several months after that bomb dropped, Josh got caught cheating on his wife Anna and their four kids. He subsequently went through seven months at a faith-based rehab center, and has been trying to work things out with Anna since returning home.

Anyway, the former 19 Kids and Counting stars will be dropping nuggets of marriage wisdom at the Fort Rock Family Camp in Arkansas. They've been frequent guests of the fundamentalist Christian facility, although it's interesting to note that Fort Rock has done little to promote their appearance.

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It's almost like they know that some Duggar-watchers are bound to scoff at the couple's giving marriage advice when it didn't work with their own kid. After all, Michelle's oft-repeated suggestion that a wife never ever say no to her husband's requests for marital relations (no matter how tired or overwhelmed she is) didn't seem to work for Josh and Anna.

But according to their website, Michelle is scheduled to give a lecture on "godly principles for a Christlike marriage."

Let's just hope that her advice is more than "you were created as your husband's sexual play thing."


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