Ian Ziering Gets Real About Bed-Wetting, Being a Dad & 'Sharknado'

Ian Ziering Erin ZieringWhile attending the #BlogHer2016: Experts Among Us conference in Los Angeles at the beginning of August, I found that somehow all of my '90s fan-girl dreams happened to come true in a matter of minutes. You guys? I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with celeb dad Ian Ziering. Yes, that Ian Ziering. As in Steve Sanders. From Beverly Hills, 90210. #WestBeverly4Evah.


While his 90210 days are long gone, Ian is still very much in the spotlight, and you'll be happy to know that he's using his famous name to help spread awareness around a topic that many parents are all too familiar with -- bed-wetting.

Believe it or not, 1 in 6 children between the ages of 4 and 12 are bed wetters, so it is a lot more common than many of us would expect.

Ian recently teamed up with Good Nites, a brand that makes overnight pants for children so they can rest easy and stay dry and comfortable all night. Ian told me more about their partnership, his life as a dad of two little girls, and his newfound fame from the unexpected success of the Sharknado movie series.

On how he got involved with Good Nites:
I'm not sure exactly how it came to my table, but my manager asked me if I had ever wet the bed as a child, and I was like, "Yeah, didn't you? Who hasn't?" And he said that there was an opportunity if I was willing to talk about it openly to help bring about some change with the Good Nites brand. 

I really think the best use of my celebrity capital is to spend it doing good, so I hopped on board. We're going through this now with my little kid, so if I can help somebody else along the way, that's great.

On whether he still gets recognized for 90210:
Oh sure, I get recognized from different things that have been in my career path, but different people of all different ages. Little girls remember me from an American Girl doll movie called McKenna Shoots for the Stars. And then I'll speak to a businessman who recognizes me from The Apprentice

On Sharknado fame and whether there will be another movie:
I think they're waiting for the ratings to come in before they decide whether there will be another one. The ratings this time again were huge, with over a billion Twitter impressions. Major motion picture studios pray for this kind of excitement, so it was pretty unexpected. This is just a small TV movie that has captured the excitement of not only sci-fi fans, but people who enjoy mainstream entertainment. It's its own new genre. It perplexes the critics out there, because they don't know how it's so successful. But that works doubly in our favor, because we do such crazy, outlandish things that you can only do in science fiction. 

On his summer plans:
It's been a pretty busy summer for me, but we really haven't gotten away as much as we'd like. But the kids do summer camp. My baby Penna is back in nursery school, and Mia starts kindergarten on the 16th. And we live in California, so it's summer year-round here. We have 300 days of sunshine out here. 

On what's next for him:
I have a lot of irons in the fire. I started a clothing line called Chainsaw Brands -- it's a fantastic line with classic American style. We market online at chainsawbrands.com. I also started a luxury travel website called Celebrity Hideaways, celebrityhideaways.com. It's a luxury destination–based website that highlights many of the rare hideaways that are typically frequented by celebrities. 

These businesses that I've gotten into are all since I was on The Apprentice. I was a pretty successful project manager for the sponsors on that show, and so I decided to be a project manager in the business world for myself. Doing things that I'm passionate about is really the key, because it helps you be persistent in finding success.


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