Lea Michele Gets Real AF by Waxing Her Mustache on Snapchat

Lea Michele facial hair Let's be honest: Unless you're a guy, facial hair is pretty much an unwanted visitor to your otherwise lovely countenance. Yet, we know all too well that it exists. Gorgeous Glee star Lea Michele shared a video in which she's getting her mustache waxed in a refreshingly honest Snapchat that's a welcome departure from usual picture-perfect celeb shots.


We love how Lea remains calm and in a good mood even as the waxer, aka her "brow genius," paints the hot liquid on her face. She even quips, "This is what happens when you're half-Jewish and half-Italian."

Lea on Snapchat. #leamichele #dailymichelevideo

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Doesn't this just make you love the stunning actress even more? Sometimes you look at celebrities and imagine that they really did wake up like that. Some do, of course, but for others, a little routine maintenance is required -- just like the rest of us. And when they share that side of their days, it's so real and it makes you feel like you're not the only one dealing with these less-than-glamorous beauty challenges.  

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Thanks, Lea, for giving us #facialhairdontcare inspo. Body hair -- wherever it may choose to grow and flourish -- can be a definite nuisance, but it's nothing to be ashamed of.

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We love that Lea is sharing this side of her beauty regimen, which will no doubt make others in the same boat feel a whole lot better about their #mustaches. 

Images via Jen Lowery / Splash News

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