Say Cheese! 27 Celeb Throwback Pics That Will Bring You Back to School

Tanvier Peart | Aug 19, 2016 Celebrities

Celebrities high school throwback photos

Who can remember back to the days of navigating school halls, the jitters you felt trying to make new friends, and signing up for extracurricular activities for the sake of getting into college? Life in school was certainly no walk in the park. It definitely had its ups and downs, along with the occasional crush on the popular bad boy that would put Dylan McKay to shame. But you know what else was just as nerve-racking? School photos.

Eek, don't even mention them!

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you were able to snap a good pic that never came back to haunt you -- though something tells us most weren't so lucky. Given cheesy adolescent photos with bad hairdos and shiny red acne are pretty common, it doesn't hurt to take a stroll down memory lane for the sake of a few laughs.

So before you get your kids ready for their school pics this year, check out some throwback snaps of our favorite celebrities in their younger school days. Some are pretty adorable ... and others are, well, pretty interesting.


Images via Splash News; Hannah Lorch / Splash News; Katielee Arrowsmith/Splash News

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