Shannen Doherty Praises Her 'Mother's Love' in Helping Her Battle Cancer

shannen doherty and momSince Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2015, we've been consistently impressed with the honesty, grace, and dignity displayed by the 45-year-old star. But as Doherty herself pointed out in a recent Instagram post, she isn't making this terrifying journey alone -- she has the support and love of many, particularly her mother, Rosa.


In an incredibly raw and moving post, Doherty thanked her mom for "always being there" and "being so strong" for her -- and the photo is just heartbreaking:

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So powerful -- and truly a testament to the love between a mother and child! No wonder Doherty grew up to be such a strong woman. Her cancer battle has been marked by some unique challenges, including a lawsuit against her management firm claiming that its failure to pay her medical expenses caused the cancer to advance (interestingly, Doherty says her dog detected the cancer well before her diagnosis; apparently the animal obsessively sniffed at her right side, where the cancer was found). But through it all, she's remained remarkably open. When the time came to shave her famous brunette locks, she posted photos of the process, sending an unmistakably clear message on behalf of breast cancer patients and survivors everywhere: "Eff Breast Cancer."

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Doherty's cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and she is currently undergoing chemo -- a notoriously draining and painful experience, but one Doherty is determined to represent honestly nonetheless. As she wrote in another recent Instagram post:

"Strength gets us thru but every once in awhile, you just want to hide in bed and let chemo day pass you by."

No doubt. And on those days, her mother's support is likely a lifeline, as is of course the case for so many in Doherty's position. Thank god for the tireless family members, friends, and caregivers out there who help to ease the pain of cancer patients (and patients of every kind!). What a beautiful pair these two make!

This lady is pretty awesome. #lovemymom #happymothersday #mamarosa

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