Prince George & Princess Charlotte Are Making a Trip to North America

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Party of four! Prince William and Kate Middleton will embark on a tour of Canada next month, and the couple have decided to take their kiddos along. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will head to North America with the duke and duchess, and from the sound of things, it's going to be a super family-friendly trip! Cool mom and dad alert!


A royal insider told Us Weekly, "There will be parts of the itinerary designed to include the children. The climate will be comfortable and a lot of outdoor activities will be part of the trip." George, who's 3, has already accompanied his parents on a royal tour -- the three of them headed to Australia and New Zealand in 2014. But this will be 15-month-old Charlotte's first overseas trip. 

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In addition to taking their little ones with them, the duke and duchess are also bringing their nanny Maria along, as well as hairstylist Amanda Cook Tucker and a few more members of their royal team. However, if you think William and Kate are "divas" for bringing an entourage with them, get a load of this: They're all flying commercial as opposed to private. First class, but still! That's pretty rad of them. Not all royals would nix their jet to fly with the peasants. (When was the last time a Kardashian flew commercial?)

This will be William and Kate's second trip to Canada. The pair first went in 2011, making it their first overseas journey as a married couple. Without a doubt, though, this will make for a much different tour. Traveling with two toddlers is a far cry from traveling alone. Of course, that said, this go 'round will likely be much more fun (and wild). From the looks of things, anywhere Prince George goes, a party follows.

Have fun, guys!

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