21 Times the British Royals Rocked Hats

Image: Splash News

Queen Elizabeth
Splash News

While the world seems to be dressing more and more casually, the British royals seem determined to keep up traditions. One of those traditions is wearing hats. And these aren't your normal, run-of-the-mill hats. The royal family loves to rock some serious headwear that has been specifically (and custom) designed. When you've got all of England, and pretty much most of the world, look at you, it's imperative to bring your A-game. And this includes head accessories. 


From Kate Middleton to Prince William's fashionable cousins, those royals sure have some wild taste in hats. Their philosophy seems to be the taller, more intricate, and more expensive... the better. We aren't judging by any means because we love seeing these works of art in action. Practically every royal event means outstanding clothing and even more unbelievable accessories. 

The women in the royal family -- and the men too -- always seem to top themselves when it comes to choose their headwear for the next event. And luckily, we are here to document each amazing fashion moment. So, enjoy 21 of the royal's boldest hat choices to date. But be careful, because these pictures will make you long for a custom hat of your own. 

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