17 Pregnant Celebrities Totally Rocking Bikinis


It may have once been considered "inappropriate" to wear a bikini while pregnant (as if!), but nowadays, more women are embracing the empowering notion that growing belly bumps are a beautiful, miraculous sight that should be celebrated. As a result, even the most body-conscious of celebrities are proudly flaunting their pregnant bellies in bikinis during beach outings and chill sessions by the pool. Many are even finding that pregnancy makes them feel more feminine, sensual, and powerful.


Stars like Kourtney Kardashian, Bar Refaeli, and Olivia Wilde have proudly shared photos of their changing pregnant figures on social media, peppering in some selfies in bikinis that really zoom in on those burgeoning bellies. Get inspired by these celebs and bump it up!


Image via barrefaeli/Instagram

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