A Kardashian Kids Spin-Off May Happen If Kris Jenner Gets Her Way

kris jenner

Just ... no. According to a disturbing new report, momager Kris Jenner thinks the Kardashian kids should get their own show. As in Mason, Penelope, North, Reign, and Saint. Yes, really. Because if the world is lacking anything, it's 50 minutes of babies napping and toddlers eating snacks. Riveting!


According to the always reliable Life & Style, Kris thinks that a good part of why viewers tune in to Keeping Up With the Kardashians is to see the adorable kiddos -- so she thinks they need a spin-off. Of course, while it's always delightful to catch a glimpse of little Penelope or North, that can't make for a full hour of TV. What on earth could they do for that long that would hold people's interest?! 

And then there's the whole ethical issue of, you know, not wanting to subject your kids/grandkids to even more cameras in their faces. 

More from CafeMom:

As the story goes, after Kris presented the idea to everyone, her family stayed mum. Except for Kanye. "Kanye went ballistic," a source told the mag. "He thinks North and Saint are too young. He's furious at the prospect." Evidently, the rapper marched straight over to Kris's after she pitched the idea and immediately shot it down, accusing her of trying to "exploit North and Saint." (Well, yeah.)

This of course could be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill Kardashian rumor, but let's be honest here: It isn't impossible to imagine the momager extraordinaire conjuring up an idea for a Kardashian kids show. 

Whatever the case, let's all hope that Kanye gets his way. Everyone loves seeing the Disick and West children, but come on now. Enough is enough. 


Image via FitPap/Splash News 

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