15 Times Prince Charles Needed to Take a Chill Pill

Amy Goldman | Aug 17, 2016 Celebrities

Prince CharlesIt's time for another installment of the world's most proper family, and this time it's Prince Charles who's looking extra serious. Though he's the doting grandfather to two adorable royal kids, Chuck often looks like he just caught wind of the rest of the world's crushing inferiorityTo paraphrase Derek Zoolander, we're pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously uptight-looking. 

Chuck's tight-lipped, nervous, and stiff expressions can provide endless entertainment for even the royal family's biggest fans. If you're just simple paupers like ourselves and could use a laugh, these photos of Prince Charles looking like he needs to take a chill pill are for you.


Image via Splash News

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