Kim Kardashian Is So Small Her Waist 'Looks Photoshopped'

kim kardashian

Kim? Is that you? Ever since she gave birth to Saint in December, Kim Kardashian has been on a mission to get back to the weight she was in 2010 (which was, duh, around 125). And clearly she's met her goal -- and then some. Kim revealed that she's down to 124 and holy crap! She looks tinier than ever. 


Kim of course documented her body transformation on Snapchat, noting that she's so skinny, her waist looks "Photoshopped." #goalz?

Way to go, Kim! You worked hard for that bod! Here's another snap:

There's no denying it. Kim looks amazing. Pretty impressive for a woman with two kids under 4. 

More from CafeMom:

Here's another shot of Kim's crazy thin waist while shopping with Kris Jenner:

kim kardashian

She looks so small! But incredibly, her hips and butt seem to stay the same size. How does she do it?!

In addition to working out, apparently Kim has been strictly following the Atkins diet, eschewing carbs and generally anything that tastes good. But still, that doesn't explain how Kim has managed to scientifically defy any sort of traditional body type. Her figure couldn't be hotter, but it's downright perplexing. 

Kim recently noted that she's gearing up to post a nude selfie to social media since she's dropped all of the baby weight. "Get ready," she told fans recently.

Oh, we're ready, Kim. We're always ready. The question is: Are you?


Images via Splash News; BG011/ News

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